Dabur Edible Chandan Ka Tail (Oil of Sandalwood) 5ml

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Dabur Chandan Ka Tail (Oil of Sandalwood) is a proven medicinal oil used for weight loss, treat pimples, dull skin, weight loss, cough, asthma, pain, Tuberculosis, Jaundice and a large number of other diseases.

Dabur Chandan Oil is edible and can be taken orally.

  • PURE AND NATURAL EDIBLE GRADE SANDALWOODD OIL: This 100% Pure and Natural Edible Grade Oil is used since time immemorial for addressing multiple ailments.
  • EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR MULTIPLE CONCERNS INCLUDING WEIGHT LOSS: This product is very effective relaxant which calms and evokes positively and relieves symptoms of stress. This exhibits effective anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and much more beneficial function for overall health and wellness.
  • GUARANTEED PURITY: We assure that this product is 100% pure and one whiff of it should help you understand the quality of the product.
  • PERFECT ACNE SOLUTION: This product can be diluted with other carrier oils or creams and applied to the skin. For oral purposes.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR INTERNAL USE: This product is to be consumed in very small amounts. It can be mixed with milk or drink of your choice. Considering the bitter characteristics of this oil, this product can be also be consumed with pouring a drop of it banana or fruit of your choice to mask the bitter nature.

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